Arethusa Kayaking


Learn about the kayak, Challenge yourse lf, Have fun!!

In the Pool

Kayaking in the pool starts with the challenge of doing a capsize and then learning to move the kayak using either hands or paddles. Games are then played to improve skills and help communication.

Suitable for 8yrs +

Pool kayaking can take place all year round – Arethusa Swimming Pool

At Arethusa Watersports Centre

Our Arethusa Watersports Centre is based in a former Naval dock basin, where we introduce this popular, dynamic watersport of kayaking.

At The Basin:

The session includes an introduction into the basic skills, safety briefing and lots of activity and games. All equipment is provided including a stable kayak and buoyancy aid. Teaches basic paddlesport skills, teamwork and trust through playing games and having fun on the water.

Suitable for: 8yrs April – October

On the River

Looking for a bigger challenge, why not come kayaking on the River Medway?

Our qualified BCU Coaches instruct the basic skills of kayaking and then take you on a short journey on the river. The trip will include activities and games to gain water/ boat confidence.

Arethusa also offers half and full day journeys on the river if a longer trip is required.

Suitable for: 11yrs + April – October

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