Blue Bell Hill


Blue Bell Hill overlooks the River Medway and is part of the North Downs.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries much of the hill was quarried for chalk.

The south west side of Blue Bell Hill is a Site of Special Scientific Interest as it harbours several rare plant species.

A picnic area serves as a rest point for walkers on the North Downs Way which runs along the top of the hill whilst the prehistoric trackway of the Pilgrims’ Way skirts its foot.

Kits Coty is the remains of a Neolithic long barrow that can be found on the lower slopes of Blue Bell Hill. The three upright sarsen stones that support the 13 foot capstone are at least seven feet high and form what is believed to be the entrance to a tomb or burial chamber. It was once enclosed by a great mound of earth that stretched for over 200 feet. It is believed to be the burial site of Catigern who fought against Hengist and Horsa in the middle of the 5 th century at nearby Aylesford. Other megalithic sites nearby are Little Kits Coty (also known as the Countless Stones), White Horse Stone and the Coffin Stone.
If you want to walk to Kits Coty you need to leave the picnic site and walk towards the main road and you can then follow the North Downs Way route down the hill alongside the A229, until you reach the entrance to the field where Kits Coty stands. If you prefer a much shorter walk you can park in the layby off the A229, just below the Lower Bell Pub. Follow the North Downs Way to reach Kits Coty.

Opening Times -Open all year 9.00am to dusk

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