Welcome to Medway Monkey.

We decided to create this site as a one stop shop for people living in or visiting Medway. This site aims to give you access to every activity that Medway has to offer.

If you’re bored and want some ideas of what you can do, or looking for a new hobby or sport then look no further.

If you can’t find it on here, then it’s probably not in Medway. But if you subsequently find it can you let us know and we’ll include it on the site.

We are always happy to receive comments, suggestions and queries, so please get in touch with us at  enquiries@medwaymonkey.com



Medway Monkey acts a signpost to your club, organisation or business.

The Medway Monkey website aims to provide a complete local guide to life in Medway. It is in fact not just one website, but a whole network of local directories each covering a particular activity or theme.

Under each category you will find menus of activities, sports, places to go and local entertainment, in addition to local tradesmen and businesses and much, much more.

The development of the website is ongoing, and details of local organisations and businesses can be submitted to improve our listings in any area, at any time.

Our aim is to provide a reliable, comprehensive on-line guide to Medway, that is of use to both residents and visitors alike.

If you’ve been for a family day out which isn’t listed on our site, we would be really grateful if you’d let us know by contacting us at  enquiries@medwaymonkey.com

If you run an attraction which isn’t listed you can add it to Medway Monkey by e-mailing us at enquiries@medwaymonkey.com.

If you’re a loval business and would like to advertise locally please e-mail us at;  enquiries@medwaymonkey.com

If you have any other enquiry, just ask!!