Friends of Horsted Valley


The Friends of Horsted Valley was established in 2010, with the support of Medway Council, Kent Wildlife Trust and Medway Urban Park & Green Spaces Forum to help protect and enhance the the Horsted Valley, an area of Protected Open Space, that stretches from Luton to the Davis Estate.

Included in this area of Protected Open Space are public access space, council owned open space with restricted access, and privately owned open space. In addition to being Protected Open Space, much of the Valley is also an Area of Local Landscape Importance and two areas are Local Wildlife Sites.

We are a non-political, non-profit making community group working in conjunction with Medway Council, with the joint aim of protecting and enhancing the Protected Open Spaces in the Horsted Valley. Horsted Valley Protected Open Space is made up of Horsted Farm, Daisy & Coney Banks, Bishops Hoath Wood and Barnfield Recreation Field. See Horsted Valley  section to find out more about the Valley. We aim to protect and enhance the Valley while conserving the natural environment and public green spaces both for current and future generations.

If you would like to be involved in protecting and enhancing the Horsted Valley Green Space, or you are interested in active volunteering, or you want to ensure that the surviving green space can be passed on to future generations why not join up?

Membership costs only £2 per year or £5 for three years for adults, and is FREE to anyone aged under 18.

Call: 01634 400395

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