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The City of Rochester Society was founded in 1967 to help conserve the historic City as a pleasant place to visit.

The City of Rochester Society is an amenity and historical Society. It is a registered charity and is run entirely by volunteers for the good of the City and its visitors.

imagesXCBHWSUVThe Society has been successfully organising tours for over 30 years and will be pleased to help you produce a memorable outing. Rochester and its surroundings has much to interest the visitor and also has a variety of restaurants, pubs and picnic areas.

You can play a part in supporting the aims of the City of Rochester Society by becoming a member. Your membership and subscription will help keep the Society strong, enabling it to continue its work of conservation and stimulating interest in the history and development of Rochester.

Members of the City of Rochester Society regularly examine proposals for development within the City and its environs, and make constructive representations.

  • The Society is represented on local authority’s consultative committees and can make its views known.
  • Every year the Society makes a Conservation Award to encourage improvements in the City.
  • The Society also produces books and pamphlets about Rochester. Its town trail leaflet “A walk around The City of Rochester” is published by the local authority and has been in print since 1967

As a member of The City of Rochester Society you will receive the quarterly newsletter, keeping you informed of the Society’s activities and with news about the City. Each issue contains illustrated articles on Rochester’s history or other subjects of local interest.

  • Regular meetings with guest speakers, visits and other events are arranged to provide a stimulating social programme.
  • The books, pamphlets and postcards which the Society publishes can be supplied to members post-free
  • The Society has an extensive collection of local history and other documents

Since its formation, the Society has been active in many ways to the benefit of Rochester and its people.

The Society was formed following the successful campaign against a road scheme which, had it gone ahead, would have spoilt a large part of the old City. Building development on attractive green open spaces in the City centre and Borstal was prevented through the Society’s actions.

The Society helped prevent the demolition of one of the oldest houses in the High Street, which has since prospered as a popular restaurant.

The City of Rochester Society was involved in the establishment of the City’s conservation area.

The Society has planted many trees in central Rochester, refurbished historic plaques and cleaned up a number of neglected areas.

Society members conduct walking tours of the historic City for visitors and act as couriers on coaches exploring the surrounding countryside.

The Society organises the popular Traditional Craft Fair during the City’s twice yearly Charles Dickens festival

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